Dyepot Studio

Care Guide



  • Gently hand wash in lukewarm or cold water without soap or with a ph neutral soap. Some coloration in the water is normal for hand dyed textiles.

  • Air dry, and then tumble with no heat in the dryer to give the fiber its softest feel, especially Tencel.

  • Iron with the fiber type’s recommended heat setting to remove unwanted wrinkles. Some colors, such as Brazilwood, may change appearance under heat, but will fade back to their original color.

Occasionally a thread in a hand woven piece can get caught and pulled partially out of place, you can tug gently at the rest of the weaving or use a needle to work the thread back into place.

Most dyes, including synthetic dyes, can fade in direct sunlight. For optimal color preservation, store hand dyed textiles out of direct sunlight.

For any specific questions or more detailed explanations please send us an email or give us a call.