Dyepot Studio

About Dyepot Studio

Dyepot Studio is an artistic collaboration between Heather and Shea Henke. Both artists have a background in textile design including sewing, embroidery, felting, weaving and especially dyeing. Creating original colors by hand-dyeing white yarn or fabric for each project is an exciting part of the artistic process for Heather and Shea. The artists are particularly inspired by the rich, earthy color tones of natural dyes.

The idea for Dyepot Studio was born during an exploratory course on dyeing fiber with plant materials, when both Heather and Shea fell in love with the color depth and creative process of using natural dyes. Now, they are pairing their collective knowledge and background in textile design to create naturally-dyed, hand-woven scarves and shawls. Each creation Heather and Shea make as part of Dyepot Studio is a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art.

You can check out some of their current work for sale under the store tab of the website, donate to help with initial funding by clicking the button bellow, or talk to Heather and Shea about ordering a custom piece!


Shea Henke

Shea has over 14 years of experience as a jewelry designer and started working with fibers around 5 years ago. He studied Business and Nonprofit Management in college, while simultaneously pursuing his true passion: art. He took many courses in fiber arts and metals including student-faculty collaborative research projects and worked as a teaching assistant. Shea now exhibits his jewelry and weavings, as part of Dyepot Studio, at art shows around the country. To see his other work visit: sheahenke.com

Heather Henke

In College, Heather double majored in Business and Nonprofit Management and Art with a dual focus in Photography and Textiles. She spent a year exploring the relationship between photography and textiles in art, culminating in a gallery exhibition with other art seniors. During the same year, Heather worked on her senior capstone project in business, writing a comprehensive business plan for Dyepot Studio and helping launch the company.